I love my students, and they think I'm pretty great too. But you don't have to take my word for it...

The highlight of our wedding planning! Alexandra is amazing and became more like a friend! We looked forward to our appointments and laughed a lot! She is personable, laid back, organized and super kind. I highly recommend to any engaged or married couples. We hope to continue to see her for “tune ups” and to learn more dancing for other weddings! I cannot say enough good things. This is in her home - but a separate entrance. The scene is relaxed and personable. LOVE LOVE her!
— Hannah & Jaimie
TGFA – Thank God for Alex. I grew up playing sports – was never a dancer. Needless to say, we needed a lot of help. My husband and I purchased the 5-class package and Alex choreographed our entire first dance. Alex was a great instructor; she had unlimited patience with our less-than-beginner experience. She was able to transform frustrating moments and repetitive mistakes into lighthearted giggles followed by positive corrections. In addition, her private studio made for a very personal, comfortable learning environment. By the end of our 5 lessons, we felt like professionals. We headed to the dance floor with confidence on our wedding day, and after our performance, we received so many compliments from our guests! The originality and creativity truly made our first dance genuine. We are so grateful we found Alex and we highly recommend her to all future brides!
— Michaelia & Clay
Thanks to Alex, our first dance was like something out of the movies! The choreography she put together for our song was just perfect. An extremely talented teacher, Alex gave us the skills and confidence to perform our dance flawlessly. To all those couples looking to wow their wedding guests with their first dance, First Dance Charlotte is where you need to go!
— Tyler & Casey
My husband and I were so pleased with Alex and the first dance she choreographed for us. Although First Dance Charlotte has many clients, Alex made things feel so personal - like we were her only clients. Not only did we get a beautiful first dance out of her teachings, but we felt like we learned the basics of several genres of dance that we can now impress people with. Thanks, Alex!
— Heidi & Joshua
We loved working with Alex on our first dance! Originally we went to a chain dance studio but it did not have the personal focus or environment we were looking for. The instructors also had a real sales driven mentality. Luckily we found First Dance Charlotte. The dance lessons were our special time together during wedding planning. We had fun at every lesson and genuinely looked forward to the next one. We’ve done our dance many times since our wedding and it will continue to be a living memory of our special day.
— Sarah & Meghan
Alex put together the most wonderful Mother - Son wedding dance for us! We had a medley of 4 different songs that she pieced together beautifully and we had so much fun performing it!! I was traveling from NJ and my son lives in Charlotte, so scheduling our lessons over several months was a little challenging but she always made it work! She is not only an extremely talented, creative and patient dance instructor but also the nicest person you could ever hope to work with!
— Cindy & David
Alex has her own beautiful home studio where she choreographs first dances to the songs of your choice and offers various packages to suit your financial and skill level. We took 5 lessons with Alex and had SO much fun learning and practicing the dance she choreographed for us. Ryan and I are not good dancers, but we felt confident in our ability to perform this dance for our guests on our wedding day. Truthfully its the part of our wedding day that people have asked/talked to me about most since that day! And perhaps more importantly, it was a really welcome break from the other more tedious wedding planning things that had to get done. It allowed us to have fun and reconnect! Thanks so much Alex for everything - it was such a pleasure working with you! I highly recommend dance lessons to any engaged couple. If you’re in Charlotte - contact Alex. Trust me, You won’t be disappointed. Her choreography is anything but cookie cutter and will have your guests raving. Plus, you’ll have a special dance that you both know so well for years to come. We do ours every month on the date of our wedding in our home. I’m sure that will turn into every year! Either way it always brings back the best memories!
— Laura & Ryan