At last. An online course that will teach you a simple, romantic and Instagram-worthy wedding dance in less than a week.

Two left feet welcome.

can we really learn to dance for our wedding online?

Yes, you really can! Here’s why:

Students who enroll in this wedding dance course will learn all of the steps featured in the video above, including how to put them together to their song. The course features a series of clear and concise instructional videos that are broken down into five learning modules that build on one another to help you gain confidence dancing with your partner in very little time.

Learning to dance is both physical and to a large extent, visual/mental. If you don't understand the concept as it's explained, seeing it demonstrated usually makes it all come together. And vice versa! Also, many people are visual learners, so videos and photos can be very helpful, even during in-person lessons. This course combines my teaching method from the in-person lessons with added visuals to take your learning to the next level. You may even be surprised at how quickly you pick up the steps once you watch the videos and read the lessons.

what makes this course different from other online wedding dance programs out there?

When I decided to do an online course, I checked out all the other courses available out there. What I found is that most wedding dance courses include WAY too much information that is simply overwhelming and unaccomplishable for a beginner without in-person instruction. Also, many courses would require weeks or months to learn and perfect the steps they teach. Who has time for that?

So I designed my courses to include only the steps that are the easiest to learn without in-person instruction and included just the information that resonates the most with my current students. This method has resulted in hundreds of satisfied students and five-star reviews. And most of my students are absolute beginners.

Does this course teach us how to dance to our first dance song?

Yes and no. This course does not teach the steps to specific first dance songs (yet.) However, the steps I’ve included in this course are universal and can be applied to pretty much any first dance song, father daughter dance song or mother son dance song. Rest assured, there are sections in the course that explain how to modify the steps to fit your music and lots of musical examples so you can better understand how to apply the steps to your chosen song.

Still not convinced you can learn to dance online?

Try it out with my free mini-course, “How To Slow Dance To Your First Dance Song,” and start learning how to dance right now.