Testimonial: Christen & Ben

Alex met with my husband and me for two lessons about a month before our wedding day. Going into the first lesson, I felt OK with our dance skills and didn’t think we would need much direction. I was almost right. Alex told us that we had the skills we needed for the dance we wanted but we just needed a little direction and practice.

During the first lesson, Alex showed us what would work best with the song we chose and Ben and I picked the moves that we liked the best. After that, it was time to practice on our own. We were pretty good at spending the time and we enjoyed this part of the whole wedding process. Alex suggested that we videotape ourselves practicing and while I thought it would be weird, we went with it and it was so helpful! We are glad we did it.

The second lesson with Alex helped us to perfect our moves and she helped us master practicing “the mess up.” Alex told us that if we mess up during the first dance we needed to know how to recover. Well, guess what happened at the wedding…we got off track and had to recover. And, we did it successfully!!!!

We had a lot of fun with Alex. She knows what she is doing and she loves every minute of it. She will take the time before, during and after your lessons to make sure you are happy with the end result. She comes highly recommended by my new husband and me.

Photo credit: MelissaJoy Photography