The Importance of Talking with Your Wedding Photographer about Your First Dance

Hiring a great wedding photographer is one of the first big steps during the wedding planning process. After all, wedding photos are some of the only tangible items that you'll be left with to remember your wedding day after all is said and done. If you choose to take wedding dance lessons in preparation for your first dance, you will want to make sure your photographer captures each moment.

Here are three tips to ensure your wedding photographer is ready to capture each dip, spin, twirl and lift during your wedding first dance.

  1. Tell your photographer that you took wedding dance lessons and will be performing a choreographed first dance. The more your photographer knows about the wedding events, the better. Letting them in on your secret will allow them to set up in the right place on the dance floor and with the right lenses. If your photographer shoots with a team, one photographer can capture close-ups of your faces and expressions during the dance, while the other captures the fully body shots that show off your moves.
  2. Provide your photographer with a wedding "first dance shot list." Providing a specific shot list of the main highlights of your wedding first dance (e.g. dips, a special kiss, a lift, turns, etc.) means your photographer will be more likely to capture the moves on camera. At First Dance Charlotte, I often help couples compile the list during our last lesson which makes it easy to send over to the photographer before the big day.
  3. Incorporate wedding first dance moves into your "first look" or post-ceremony wedding portraits. The wedding photography portrait sessions either before or after the ceremony offer a great opportunity to capture the best moments of your first dance and squeeze in a little last-minute practice. Have your photographer get candids of you practicing together, or do your favorite dip or lift in front of your wedding party.

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