FAQ: When should we start learning our wedding first dance?

There's no magical formula for when a couple should start preparing for their first dance. However, taking wedding dance lessons is similar to planning your wedding: the longer you have to prepare, the more you are able to accomplish.

Start at least three months in advance, or more.

In my experience, couples that begin wedding dance lessons at least three months before their wedding tend to be less stressed than couples who wait until a month before the big day. That's not to say that all couples fall into the same category: if you are more laid back about the wedding, or if you've already checked most to-dos off your list, taking wedding dance lessons in the month leading up to your wedding could be a fun way to kick off the celebration.

Starting with three months to go gives you enough time to learn wedding dance choreography, increase your partner dancing skills and practice in front of others. Learning to dance is like learning a new language--it takes time to feel fluent.

But my wedding is in two weeks and I still want to learn!

If you’ve decided you need instruction with only a few weeks until the big day, we’ll work together to make as much progress as possible with the time we have. The couples with the most success set aside time to practice every day in between wedding dance lessons. You can make a lot of progress if you devote the time to it.

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