Top 10 Benefits of Taking Wedding Dance Lessons

Worrying about what you are going to do during your first dance can add a layer of stress to an already stressful wedding planning process. Taking lessons allows you and your significant other to spend time connecting without distractions or to-do lists, and eases the tension surrounding the first dance on your wedding day. 

Here are the top 10 benefits of taking wedding dance lessons.

  1. Finally learning to dance!
  2. Understanding whose foot goes where and when without stepping on each other
  3. Learning to spin/turn in a way that doesn’t make you or your loved one resemble a pretzel
  4. Reduced stress on the wedding day
  5. Stress-reliever during wedding planning process
  6. Uninterrupted time with your significant other sans devices and to-do lists
  7. Learning a new skill together helps you grow as a couple
  8. Extra exercise makes you feel better
  9. Better posture for looking fabulous on the big day
  10. Amazing pictures and wedding videos

After the wedding, you'll be left with one husband or wife, a beautiful gown or handsome tux, leftover cake and the skills you learned during your wedding dance lessons. And while we all dream of doing something with the gown, dance skills are the one thing you're sure to use again. 

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