FAQ: How do we choose the perfect first dance song?

There are many first dance song lists floating around the internet with love songs galore to choose from for your first dance. But all first dance songs are not created equal.

The Perfect First Dance Song

The perfect first dance song will check the following boxes:

  • It has appropriate lyrics. Make sure you read through the lyrics of your chosen first dance song to make sure there is nothing you wouldn't want amplified for all to hear. That includes bad words, negative innuendos or anything that mentions being apart or wanting to get back together. Try to land on a positive love song through and through.
  • It's danceable. Try dancing to your chosen first dance song. Does it feel too slow or too fast? Is it easy to count 1-8 on the beat? If you are unsure about the danceability of the song you've chosen, ask the best dancer you know if they think its easy to dance to. Sometimes you just need the right steps that work with the music. Other times, it's just not a danceable song. Feel free to reach out to me for first dance song advice via my Contact page.
  • It has meaning. Choose something that has meaning to you as a couple, but don't let meaning overrule appropriate lyrics and danceability. You may have kissed in the rain to Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You," but the song is about leaving your lover and you certainly don't want to send that message on your wedding day. 

Make it a Date

Finding a first dance song can be a really fun way to spend an afternoon or evening with your betrothed. Listen through the songs you love for appropriate lyrics and try dancing to it. Chances are you may land on a song that you would have never considered. 

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