Five Reasons to Learn a Choreographed First Dance for Your Wedding

Have you been dreaming of a first dance where you and your partner float gracefully around the dance floor Disney princess style? Or maybe you want to get the party started with an energetic and less traditional song choice (I’m looking at you, St. Paul and the Broken Bones!) Either way, a choreographed dance is a great way to kick off the reception and create memories to last a lifetime.

Choreography doesn’t have to be elaborate or scary, I promise! Here are my top five reasons to learn a choreographed first dance.

  1. Take the guesswork out of it. Freestyling is great for the reception when you are dancing with your friends, but is harder to pull off when it’s just you and your partner. Choreography gives you a plan to follow so you can do less thinking and more dancing.

  2. Learn some new skills. Learning a choreographed dance will expose you to steps and moves that you may never have learned on your own.

  3. Make practicing easier and more fun. It’s hard to practice when you aren’t really sure how to string steps together on your own. Choreography gives you a set plan to follow in between lessons and helps novices feel like pros in no time.

  4. Highlight special moments in your song. Many first dance songs have big moments and crescendos that are just itching to be highlighted with a dip or a lift. Planning steps to correspond with those moments makes your first dance more fun to perform and more exciting for your guests to watch.

  5. Create a moment you will remember forever. You only get one first dance with your significant other. The process of learning to dance together is something you will remember long after the cake is cut, the flowers fade and the sparklers have burned out.

If you are ready to start learning a choreographed first dance, fill out my Get Started form and tell me about your dream first dance. If in-person lessons aren’t an option, check out my online course, “Learn a Romantic and Instagram-Worthy First Dance for Beginners” and start learning how to dance for your wedding right away!

What do you think about choreographed first dances? Leave a comment or DM me on Instagram @firstdancecharlotte.

Photo of Nikki and Adam by George Street Photo.