How To: An Easy Wedding Dance Lift Anyone Can Do

Usually when I propose adding a lift to a first dance, the first thing people think of is this:

Luckily for my students, this is not what I mean. I pretty much would NEVER recommend attempting this lift at your wedding unless you are trained dancers, acrobats, professional athletes, etc.

And even then, do you really want the stress of a difficult lift to make you nervous throughout your entire first dance? Nah, I say save this lift for the hotel pool during your honeymoon. (If you need more convincing, check out this article about a couple who attempted the Dirty Dancing lift to disastrous results — ouch!)

The Lottery Lift

There are several very simple and easy-to-pull-off lifts that I propose to couples who are interested in adding a surprise element/ultimate crowd pleaser to their first dance. Probably the easiest one is what I call “The Lottery Lift.”

I call this “The Lottery Lift” because it’s probably what you would do if you won the lottery (which you kinda did by finding your other half and having them agree to marry you!) It’s not only beautiful but so easy to pull off that almost anyone can do it!

Annie & Luke - Genevieve Nisly Photography - The Chagrin Valley Hunt Club Cleveland Wedding - Good Together Honne (94).jpg

How to do this super easy wedding dance lift:

  1. The person being picked up throws their arms around their partner’s neck and the one doing the picking up wraps their arms around their partner’s waist.

  2. The person doing the lifting simply picks up their partner in a big bear hug and spins around in place.

  3. Slow down at the end and gently place your partner’s feet back on the ground.

It’s super simple to pull off and a great way to end a first dance or highlight a particularly beautiful moment in your first dance song. It also looks amazing in wedding photos!

Learn a beautiful and romantic first dance online

If you are interested in learning this lift, along with other simple, yet beautiful, dance steps to incorporate into your wedding dance, check out my online course, Learn a Romantic and Instagram-Worthy First Dance for Beginners. These online wedding dance lessons take the guess work out of learning to dance for your wedding and teaches you tried and true steps that not only look beautiful but are super easy to learn.

Would you incorporate a lift in your first dance? DM me or leave a comment on my Instagram @firstdancecharlotte.

Photo of Annie and Luke by Genevieve Nisly Photography.